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Keyyes Michael Hardman connects members to luxury purveyors for unique products and services
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Photo Credit : Portfolio Magazine
Businesses wanting to enable their customers to experience their distinct brand of lifestyle have turned to Keyyes for help.From reserving top tables and gaining access to elite golf courses in various cities, to purchasing wines selected by highly regarded sommeliers, the Keyyes network of partnerships puts it at the forefront of elevated customer experience.

The Keyyes team of lifestyle specialists dispense recommendations and insights into modern luxury, offering expert opinions and curation services covering a wide range of categories, including restaurants, fine wines and spirits, bars, events, fashion, health and wellness, art and culture, hotels, travel and more.

Their namesake proof-of-concept mobile platform, which combines a highly curated marketplace and booking functionality, connected a gated community of members with luxury brands for extraordinary products and experiences in five major Asian cities — and achieved qualitative results during the time it was “live.”

“The Keyyes app that we launched in Q3 2018 was built around a three-prong approach: read, book, buy. Initial results from this proof of concept showed conversion rates significantly above industry standards and validated our belief that the more customers engage with your content, the higher the propensity they have to buy,” noted SAIS Group chief creative officer, Mr. Michael Hardman, who heads Keyyes.

“Imagine a luxury carmaker wanting to encourage its customers to experience the brand as a lifestyle beyond a mere vehicle. Car owners and brand enthusiasts can download its ecosystem and discover the brand’s lifestyle world, accessing exclusive products and services tailored by Keyyes with the brand’s distinctive voice in mind. Whichever city its customers find themselves in, they’re going to need insider recommendations, services, retail and elevated experiences that speak to their interests and sensibilities. We put all this insight, recommendations and opinions from people who know what they’re talking about into one place for the end user,”Mr. Hardman added.

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