SAIS Limited Announces Re-branding of Keyyes to Kaddra Lifestyle

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SAIS Limited ("SAIS" or the "Company") (TSXv: SAIS) is pleased to announce that its technology company, KADDRA, has rebranded the lifestyle arm, KEYYES, into KADDRA Lifestyle.

Since late 2019, the Company has been attesting its sales growth via the SME space in Asia; gaining significant traction growth on a weekly basis. Our fervent customer base has stemmed from numerous industries, including member clubs, grocery distributors, departmental stores, the F&B service line, clinics, cosmetics and more.

KADDRA Lifestyle (formerly KEYYES) is therefore, fulfilling the lifestyle branch through production of exquisitely curated content alongside personalized client support with technical and structural developments – a service that showcases the magnitude of software support provided to cherished brand partners.

Onboarding of clients with KADDRA, along with KADDRA Lifestyle at the forefront of Avant-Garde lifestyle news and updates, marks the execution of a strategy to provide our stakeholders with the latest update of relevant features, not only in the lifestyle industry but also with the upcoming technological advances happening globally – whilst maintaining to provide an affordable and reliable solution that enables a smooth transition into mobile commerce for any type of business. With a standard onboarding time of 5 weeks or less for a full suite of digital services alongside a proprietary native App commerce solution, KADDRA continuously thrives to disrupt the mobile App commerce for the modern digital landscape, bringing power back to the people.
About SAIS Limited
Singapore-based SAIS Limited (TSXv: SAIS) is a global provider of advanced technology solutions, business intelligence and supporting services. We connect businesses with their customers through end-to-end intelligent solutions. A leader in the development of mobile commerce platforms, we are focused to create technology aimed at providing unique digital experiences to foster ground-breaking client-customer relationships.
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