Sarment launches AI-driven digital luxury platform

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Sarment has launched its new digital platform for high-net-worth users to access an international network of luxury brands and premium personal services.  

Designed as a secure, personal portal to the luxury world, the mobile app aggregates all the different facets of the luxury lifestyle into a single ecosystem that offers users access to rare and fine products, curated services, and specialist content.

This mobile app is connected to a back-end customer experience management (CEM) system – a proprietary cloud-based software that manages Sarment’s digital marketplace and contextualises users’ behavioural data.

Sarment’s digital platform enables seamless interaction between users, enterprise clients and luxury brand partners. While high-net-worth users have an artificial-intelligence-enhanced mobile app that affords a high degree of personalisation and experiential consistency, the CEM system gives both enterprise clients and luxury brand partners an innovative way to interact with these high-value users.

Enterprise clients can use the platform to boost the retention of their high-net-worth users, improving their value proposition and service efficiency to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Luxury brand partners, which provide the products and services, meanwhile, will be empowered to refine their marketing campaigns and target high-net-worth users in a non-intrusive manner.

CEO Quentin Chiarugi says this migration of Sarment’s physical marketplace into the digital sphere affords significant business advantages. “It differentiates Sarment from potential competitors. The main differentiator is that we can scale our curated ecosystem and offer it to gated communities of high-value users, becoming very relevant for our enterprise clients.”

The Sarment app currently has seven initial lifestyle categories including: dining, bars, art, wine, spirits, sake and home products. More categories will be added covering boutiques, style, hotels, travel, health and wellness and events.

The app now offers products and services in Singapore and Tokyo. This will expand to include offerings in other global cities going forward.

With the successful launch of the digital platform in Singapore, Sarment is now actively onboarding users from one of Southeast Asia’s largest banks with the app under the white label brand name “Keyyes”. Although this is available for download on Google Play for Android mobile phones and on the Apple App Store for iPhones, users need a personal access code to use the app.

Says Mr Chiarugi: “The user experience of making reservations and purchasing products are now just a few clicks away and all within the same ecosystem. In just two months, we have managed to convert existing customers and get new users to endorse Sarment’s new digital marketplace. Since our soft launch in February there has been strong uptake and the sales recorded through the digital platform over the last two months have been exceeding expectations.”

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