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Sarment Intelligent Services (“SAIS” or the “Company”) (TSXv: SAIS) announced today that KADDRA itsCustomer Experience Management (“CEM”)division, has signed a two year agreement worth over US 0.6 million with a prominent global luxury carmaker for the enhancement of its online ecosystem.

“We’re pleased to start working with a renowned brand that epitomises quality and luxury in their cars and accompany them in creating new digital connections with their clientele. This is the beginning of a very heartening trend as we’ve seen burgeoning interest in our CEM product suite and other supporting services coming from this industry sector in addition to other partners within the luxury sphere,” said Quentin Chiarugi, SAIS Group’s Chief Executive Officer.

The digital development partnership which commenced 1st April, will see recurring monthly revenue for the Group over the 2 year period, as they enhance the current offering on the carmakers various B2C digital channels– allowing both existing and prospective customers to experience its distinct luxury lifestyle online and keep them continually engaged with the brand.

“We have an amazing team of people from the industry, who have been producing world class technology, content and services that’s more than just luxury editorial. Connecting the dots between luxury, lifestyle and the consumer mindset is our ethos. It’s becoming a well-known fact that the more customers engage with your content the higher the propensity they have to buy,” noted SAIS Group Chief Creative Officer, Michael Hardman.
About Sarment

Singapore-based SAIS Group is a leader in global luxury lifestyle management and developer of Customer Experience Management platforms. Sarment’s AI-based digital ecosystem provides intelligent services focusing on creating technologies to provide unique digital experiences. Since its establishment in 2012, Sarment has grown exponentially throughout Asia and is now moving toward global expansion.

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Deborah Krish
SAIS Corporate Office

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